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Report: Silent Hunter V Recalled In Germany Over Nazi Symbols

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Silent Hunter V is a game in which Nazi submarines feature prominently. Oh, sorry. German submarines. Nazi submarines are still a taboo subject, which explains why the collector's edition of the game has just been pulled from German shelves.

See, it's illegal to graphically depict the swastika, the most well-known symbol of the Nazi party, in a video game in Germany. It's why you'll see in most strategy games and shooters the use of the Balkenkreuz, icon of the German military in the Second World War, in place of Hitler's misappropriated Hindu symbol.


Seems a few swastikas crept into the collector's edition of Silent Hunter V (and its manual) in Germany, however, so according to local site ComputerBase the game has had to be yanked to conform with the nation's laws. The regular edition is unaffected.

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