Report: Nintendo Scaling Back Wii Production

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According to a report from Nikkei, Nintendo has begun the process of reducing the number of Wiis being manufactured.


The report says that two Japanese companies - Mitsumi and Hosiden - are facing massive losses in revenue this year due to the "declining fortunes" of the Wii and a "drop-off in orders from Nintendo to assemble game systems".

Both companies are now staring at a drop in net profits of more than 50%.

It's funny. It took Nintendo years to ramp up Wii production. They sure cut it back quick enough.


As Nintendo's Wii Stumbles, Parts Suppliers' Earnings Tumble [Nikkei, subscription required]

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The Wii had a good start because it bore the Nintendo name... But it's finally starting to tank, the name can only keep a sub-par product alive so long. Brand loyalty isn't an invincible guarantee. It's a shame, because I have a lot of positive nostalgia for Nintendo; my first gaming console was the Nintendo Entertainment System. My last Nintendo console was the Gamecube, and will probably remain the final Nintendo product I will have ever bought.

The problem from my point of view, is that Nintendo left all their "core" fans out to dry. Sure, there was a Metroid game, a couple of Mario games (only one of which was really a MARIO game, and not just "Mario doing something unrelated to saving Princesses game"), and a Zelda game, but there was, overall, a big lack of first-party titles that appealed to the "core" fans of the franchise. It's great that they were trying hard to appeal to newcomers, but in my opinion, they forgot about the rest of us, and fed us a bit of Metroid, Zelda, and marginally entertaining Mario games just to simply keep us hanging onto the console by a thread.

The well seems to have run dry on the Wii, for the moment. Such a shame. Remember when it first came out how people envisioned running around Hyrule as Link swinging your sword about in real-time, dueling with Stalfos' and having some epic battles? Twilight Princess was the rushed, half-assed attempt at that idea, which flopped in my opinion in terms of control. I got it for the Gamecube for that reason, and played it with the regular controller.

Such a shame. It was a great idea, but that's what happens when you don't listen to the fans and decide you know better (in some cases, such as this).

RIP Nintendo. My burning spirit for you has died, long ago. I pass on the torch to the young gamers of the day, who might one day leave you as well when the novelty of waggle has worn off, as it is starting to now.