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Report: Next Mass Effect Game Not Due Until 2014-2015 [UPDATED: Interview "inaccurate"]

Illustration for article titled Report: Next emMass Effect/em Game Not Due Until 2014-2015 [UPDATED: Interview inaccurate]

UPDATE: The story below was based, as we sourced it, on an interview that supposedly happened between an official from BioWare and a reporter for the website GamerSyndrome. After reports like ours made the rounds, BioWare's Mike Gamble said the interview was full of "a lot of untrue stuff." Gamer Syndrome noted the following on their site:

UPDATED DECEMBER 12: This interview has been removed. The information provided previously by the author of this post was deemed to be obtained from an inaccurate source and NOT an official Bioware or EA interview response. We apologize for the inconvinience.


The original story follows:

Hope you weren't expecting to jump right back into the Mass Effect universe, fans, because according to an interview with Gamer Syndrome, the next big entry in the series won't be out until "late 2014 to mid-2015".


Why so long? Well, according to the unnamed BioWare employee "I honestly can't tell you an exact [date] because full development on the game started a month or two ago."

So, yeah, early days. So early in fact that as recent as last month BioWare's Casey Hudson was still asking fans when, exactly, they'd like to see the new games set.

GamerSyndrome Talks With BioWare About the Mass Effect Series [Gamer Syndrome]

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I quitted the first levels of these games and never looked back, have not played one game after and not interested in any these series since.


Dead Space

Assassins Creed

Mass Effect.