Report: Microsoft Wants To Buy Discord For "Over $10 Billion"

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Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is one of several companies “in talks” to purchase chat and community platform Discord, for a price said to be in excess of $10 billion.


The report says Microsoft is “in the running”, but that talks are continuing and no deal has yet been made. It’s not clear who those other companies could be, though you wouldn’t need many hands to count the possibilities, and it’s said that both Epic and Amazon have had similar talks “in the past”.

Before you go assuming this is a done deal, the same report throws in word from one of their sources that, “Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself.”

UPDATE, March 25: Bloomberg now reports that Microsoft is “exclusively” in talks, ruling out those other companies, while also saying they “could complete a deal next month, assuming the negotiations don’t fall apart.”


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I’ll remain extremely wary of Microsoft trying yet another acquisition in the communications space. Skype went downhill very fast back in the day and Teams is just plain garbage, which makes me afraid of how they'd manage Discord in the medium term to long term.