Hideo Kojima was at E3 this week to show off his team's latest project, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but a report from CVG says the game developer has a "massive PS3 exclusive" to unveil at Tokyo Game Show.

If CVG's "senior US publishing source" is right, the supposed PlayStation 3 exclusive will "own the show" in Tokyo and that it was almost ready for a showing at E3. Seems like curious timing, as an announcement of another Kojima Productions game could steal the thunder from Metal Gear Solid: Rising and that the age of console exclusivity seems to be behind us.


Will Kojima have yet more Metal Gear to show off? Will everyone finally get to stop begging for a Zone of the Enders update? Boktai? Something new? Nothing? We'll know for sure at TGS!

E3 2010: Kojima to announce PS3 exclusive at TGS [CVG]