Imagine this, but with a messenger bag

Variety is reporting that not only is Ubisoft trying to get a movie made out of The Division (not news), but that they’ve already got Prince of Persia star Chesty Jake Gyllenhaal attached to the project, as both actor and producer (interesting).

Before we go any further, remember: as bad as video game movies tend to be, most video game movie projects never get made in the first place. This one, given Ubisoft’s recent track record (Assassin’s Creed), might! Or, given how quickly The Division slid out of the wider public consciousness, it might never.

Now, I have questions. Why The Division, which despite its initial sales success is creatively about as interesting as watching grass die? Why Chesty Jake, when he’s already been subjected to one (albeit decent) Ubisoft video game adaptation?


(Answer: Ubisoft took one look at the Assassin’s Creed trailer and saw €€€€€€€€)

While Gyllenhaal’s name is up in bright lights, the movie is still looking for a writer, so don’t expect this to happen any time soon, if it ever happens at all.