Report: Home Finally Leaving Beta, "Is Not S**t"

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Kirk Ewing, from PlayStation Home developer Veemee (who make virtual spaces and items), reckons Sony's underwhelming virtual network service will be emerging from its long-running beta at the end of this year.


Having entered an "open beta" in December 2008, Home has been in that state ever since, despite appearing for all intents and purposes to be fully armed and operational. While for some it's been a useful tool for chit-chat and furniture organisation, for most it's been a disappointment, Sony's original plan for an online "hub" central to both communication and multilayer gaming never really materialising in a world awash with soulless avatars and user-paid advertising.

According to Ewing, though, that beta phase will be coming to an end this December, when Home opens for real. He also has some words for the service's detractors, telling attendees at the Game in Scotland event in Dundee, "Most people think that Home is sh*t. I'm here to say that it's not."

PlayStation Home out of beta later this year [PlayTM, via VG247]



I love how people complain about home... It's FREE, how the hell do you complain about something that's free? If you download it and don't like it you've lost nothing, just delete it and let the rest of us enjoy it.

Bha! I'm off for some chess!