Deadline is reporting that, in the wake of Pokémon Go’s instant and massive success, “all Hollywood has renewed the chase for a deal to turn Pokémon into a feature film.”

Seems that attempts to make a live-action Pokémon movie have been humming in the background for a while now, but these have now gone into overdrive, with Deadline saying that Legendary Pictures “is moving toward a deal.”

The report says there have been whispers of a “scenario” recently where Max Landis (Chronicle) would write while Legendary made the film. “Everything went silent” a few months back, but now that Pokémon Go has taken over the planet, “it’s come back around.”

A live-action Pokémon movie? Really? Nintendo refuses to hand over the rights to its franchises for decades after the Super Mario Bros. movie disaster, and now that its ready to get back in the game folks are talking about this? Time is a flat circle.