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Daniel John Zeitz, a former pro gamer also known as Phobos, has been shot and killed in a bungled attempt to steal his PS4 console, according to police in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Zeitz had organised the sale of his console via Craigslist, and had arranged to meet 20 year-old Nathaniel Vivian and his 16 year-old girlfriend in an apartment parking lot for the exchange. Upon their arrival, however, Vivian reportedly grabbed Zeitz's console and tried to throw it in their car.

While Zeitz and the man struggled with the console, it's alleged that Vivian's unnamed girlfriend - with her 16 month-old baby sitting in the back seat, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution - fired a shot from a .25 caliber handgun which passed through her boyfriend's hand and struck Zeitz in the chest, killing him.


Both suspects have since been arrested, caught when Vivian attempted to have his gunshot wound treated at a nearby hospital. The Huffington Post says the shooter, despite being 16, will now be tried as an adult.

Friends, family and well-wishers can help cover the costs of Daniel's funeral by donating to this GoFundMe page.


16-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shoots Gamer For His PS4 While Her Baby Looks On: Cops [Huff Po]

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