Report: Geguri Will Be The First Woman Signed To An Overwatch League Team

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Overwatch League has no women players, a fact that’s been glaringly apparent ever since the league’s debut media event, where Korean pro Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon’s name came up multiple times. Now, however, a report from ESPN claims that Geguri’s signing to an OWL team, the Shanghai Dragons.


ESPN cites “multiple sources close to the players and organization” and says Geguri will be joined on the Shanghai roster by two other Korean players: Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok and Cheon “Ado” Ki-hyun.

Geguri, who is so good that she was once widely accused of cheating, will be the first woman in the Overwatch League. She’ll also provide much-needed reinforcements to a Shanghai roster that hasn’t won a single match so far this season, despite occasionally rallying to pull off feats like swiping a map from top-tier team Seoul Dynasty.

This comes after a week in which Geguri alluded to joining “a foreign team,” which many took to mean that she’d signed with a non-Korean team in the Overwatch League. However, she also expressed confusion over people’s reaction to the news, tweeting that she’s “been talking about going to a foreign team for a month.”

Compete reached out to Overwatch League to find out more, but as of writing, the organization had yet to respond. Yesterday, however, a rep told Compete that “for someone to be considered part of the Overwatch League, the League office must both receive and approve a contract for a given player” and added that “the League office has not received a contract for Geguri.”

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Funny to think several OWL franchises fussed about the particulars of coed housing, as though college students and other young people didn’t routinely live under the same roof with far less personal space and “adult” supervision than a pro gaming squad would have.