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Report: GameStop's Black Friday Xbox 360 Bundle Seems Too Good to be True

Illustration for article titled Report: GameStops Black Friday Xbox 360 Bundle Seems Too Good to be True

There will be Black Friday specials everywhere, but for many of you, GameStop's will likely be the most important. So here, courtesy of discount specialists CheapAssGamer, are what's reported to be the specialist retailer's deals.


The standout deal is obviously the pair of home console bundles offered on Friday, in particular a 250GB Xbox 360 with Skyrim, Forza 4 and Call of Duty Blacks Ops II all for $250 (though the 250GB PS3 with all Infamous releases, Uncharted and Uncharted 2 for $200 isn't bad either).

Considering Black Ops II has only just been released at full price, and will likely remain the holiday season's biggest-selling game, that's one hell of a saving for anyone looking for a 360 under the Christmas tree this year.


There's also some extra gains to be had on certain trade-ins and a whole range of titles discounted to between $10-$30. The full list is below.

Black Friday / Brown Thursday Video Game Deals 2012 - GameStop added! [CAG, via Wario64 @ NeoGAF]

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as far as xmas shopping is concerned the ps3 is probably the better deal for parents. First off there is no M rated game, and secondly not the hidden price of Xbox Live...which to be honest, BLOP II is a waste without it.