Report: Final Fantasy XIII Composer Leaves Square Enix

Masashi Hamauzu, FFXIII composer, has left game company Square Enix, reports website Square Enix Music Online. He was an employee at Square Enix for the past 15 year.

During that time, Hamauzu worked on titles such as SaGa Frontier II, Unlimited SaGa, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII. The official FFXIII soundtrack will be released in Japan on January 27.


According to Square Enix Music Online, further departures from the Square Enix composer team are expected in the coming months.

No word what greener pastures Hamauzu has moved on to. However, Kotaku is confirming this report with Square Enix.

Square Enix Music Online :: Video Game Music News [Square Enix Music via Final]

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