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Dragon Quest IX won't go on sale until July 11, but it already looks poised to be a huge hit in its native Japan.


According to the Nikkei Marketing Journal, various retailers are apparently reporting brisk pre-orders for the game — to the tune of 2 million total pre-orders.

According to Media Create, however, DQIX was officially at 1.2 million pre-orders on July 5. Adding 200,00 this week, pre-orders should even out at about 1.6 million or 1.8 million. It's not clear which retailers this data pertains, too. The actual total could very well be close to 2 million or more.


Day one DQIX shipment is supposedly 3 million.

DQIX's prequel Dragon Quest VIII shipped three million copies in one week. It was the fastest selling PS2 title.

予約だけで200万本『ドラクエIX』・・・朝刊チェック(7/8) [Inside Games]

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