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Replica Gears Lancers Broken, Here's How You Fix 'Em

Having problems making your new replica Gears of War Lancer Assault Rifle go "pew pew pew"? You're not alone. Turns out there are a ton of people whose guns are kinda busted, thanks to a manufacturing error whereby every single gun had its battery connectors wired for Asian batteries, not US or European ones. Never knew there was any difference, but hey, there you go. Seems this meant that when you pulled the trigger, your batteries weren't doing anything, and your gun, it wasn't doing anything either. Makers NECA have come up with a workaround for the problem ("a small thin metal plate, with instruction sheet"), click through for details on how to get your hands on one (as well as the full statement).

Gears of War LANCER Replica Production Issue 11/11/2008 During production of the Lancer, some of the plastic enclosures had a piece reversed, which had no effect on batteries made in Asia. The Asian batteries have longer contact points and made the connection each time. On some batteries made in the US and Europe the reversed piece does not allow for the batteries to make the connection. We have already developed a solution (a small thin metal plate, with instruction sheet) and we will gladly mail the metal plate to anyone with issues. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please email me your name and mailing address to melaniecATnecaonlineDOTcom if you are encountering this problem.


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