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Reminder: Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day

Illustration for article titled Reminder: Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day

The American comic book industry wants you to buy comics! Head to your local comic book store tomorrow to celebrate the ninth annual Free Comic Book Day, and pickup free comics featuring everyone from Sonic the Hedgehog to Iron Man.


The second Iron Man movies hits theaters next week, making this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day, the annual event in which comic book publishers from all over the country offer free comic books in order to raise awareness of the industry. There'll be plenty of comics on hand, including an Iron Man / Thor team-up, Kevin Smith's Green Hornet number one (it picks up by the third issue), a classic G.I. Joe reprint, and many, many more.

Head over to the official Free Comic Book Day website for a full list of free comic books, along with a store locator to help guide you on your way.


And should you see a large, tattooed man at Great Escape Comics & Games in Marietta, Georgia, be sure to wish him happy Comic Book Birthday.

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Mister Jack

Naturally, I'm going to be working the whole time, and by the time I get off my comic store will be closed.

God damn it. Every year.