Reminder: Prepare To Call Major Nelson And Ask Him Stuff

Kotaku Talk Radio. Recording live from CBS Radio on Wednesday. 11am Kotaku Time. 1pm ET. 10am PT. Host: Me. Guests: Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb and Madden NFL senior product manager Anthony Stevenson. Call-in details will be on Kotaku at showtime.


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I have a question for him, but can't call tomorrow. So could someone else ask if/when Netflix will be included with silver memberships? Now that PS3 and Wii have it and offer it for free, it isn't a "premium" service. Xbox Live still has premium elements that I can see charging extra for, but continuing to mandate an annual/quarterly/monthly payment for something that can be had for free on the entirety of your competition (PS3/PC/Wii) seems short-sighted and, to be honest, obnoxious.