Reminder: No Matter Which Dark Souls Character You Play, You Will Die a Lot

"Sure," Dark Souls whispers to you in the dark, "you've got your Modern Warfare and your Legend of Zelda. But I'm not going anywhere." This game is designed to be played, mastered, and played again far after its launch date.

This latest video demonstrates a number of the game's character classes, shows a bunch of enemies and actually gives a pretty good sense of the flow of the game, particularly its visceral, satisfying combat. Fight, die, fight again, die again, and gradually get better, until you get killed by some random other player who warps into your world. I haven't made it up to some of the enemies in this video, but dear lord, that is some menacing stuff.


Hey look at that, they've even got my Pyromancer in there, mixing it up and then getting his ass kicked. Dear lord look at the size of some of those enemies. Hmm…. might just…. go back to Skyrim…. nothing to see here…

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