​Reminder: Never Trust Anyone in Dark Souls II

Hi everybody! Here's your daily reminder that the Souls games are engineered to cause pain and misery, even from people you trust. Never trust anybody!

Ahar Ance went out and griefed the living hell out of Blue Sentinels in Dark Souls II, placing items precariously next to cliffs for people who were there to help him, while an invader knocked them off. What a jerk!


Oh Dark Souls fans, you lovable scumbags. Never change. Also, good use of Tiny Tim.

Ahar Ance via R/DarkSouls2

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I remember back in the day I came across a Dark Souls 1 grief vid where a guy dressed as the ninja and cloaked himself in the forest near the gate. He'd leave sparkly stones near the cliff and people would walk up to it, pick up a garbage item and he'd shoot them with a heavy arrow making them fall to their death.

Then later in day I was actually playing and literally came across the same situation. I spawned, saw the glowy near the cliff and without thinking I ran straight at the hiding spot and slashed my sword at the tree. Not surprisingly a guy was there, same technique and everything. Probably same guy! Either way I laughed so hard cause he didn't know what to do, he kept running and running until I poked him to death :D

The griefer turned into the griefered!

Although I'm not innocent myself. My favourite times were spent in Anor Londo invading, running past players and into the church with the thin balcony, go all the way to the end and then wait for them to cross as I shoot them off with the heavy bow. Only one guy managed to reach me, skillfully ran non stop on that narrow set of ledges avoiding my arrows XD And then there was the time I had a 3 hour arrow fight with a guy before he ragequit. So stupid. All he had to do was die or log off but he was determined to kill me with arrows on the other side. Good times. A great game that reflects my true dark nature @_@