As promised/threatened, Kotaku's Game Club returns tomorrow. And now I can put a time on that: 2pm Kotaku Time (Mountain time), which is 1pm in Los Angeles, 4pm in New York, and 8am in Luke-land. A few reminders...

-The first day of this Game Club will cover only the first three levels of the game, including the training level. We will only discuss those levels. It would be best if you, like me, didn't even play past that. That way, we can have a shared sensation of experiencing the same portion of a game at roughly the same time. We'll discuss levels four through six on Friday.

-The Game Club is open to all. Once the post goes live tomorrow, kicking things off, the club itself will be the comments section of that post. I'll be there with you all for an hour, talking about the game. I'll have some starter topics in the post, but, after that, it's open to any and all discussion about the first three levels. Spoilers will not be tolerated for content beyond those levels.

-That's it. Easy, right? See you in 24 hours.