Illustration for article titled Reminder: Its April 1. Dont Believe Everything You Read. Especially This Stuff.

It's getting tiresome, we know, and aside from a gifted minority most "gags" are an annoyance (at best), but so long as people still think April 1 is a green light for them to try and be funny, other people will read websites expecting news and items of interest and instead see lies.


To help you out, we'll be rounding up the most prominent fakes, jokes and attempted jokes throughout the day, listing them below. Those lucky few that are actually amusing come first. The rest, well. Yeah.

UPDATE - You know what? I've woken up this morning to see that, rather than toss out some cheap and easy lies, more companies than I'd have thought have actually put a ton of effort into this year's jokes. So I apologise for the snarkniness!





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