It's easy to correct someone. Especially if the topic at hand is something you're knowledgeable and passionate about, it's almost instinctive. A snap reaction. But it can be just as easy to let glaring errors slide and focus on the positive: that maybe this person committing the ultimate gamer faux pas is actually showing a genuine interest. That they're making a genuine attempt to understand your hobby.

The following (very dark, Happy Monday) comic, by SomeThomas, reminded me of that.

They may not know enough to express themselves using the dialect you're most familiar with, but they're certainly making an effort. It's the difference between mocking someone for trying to speak your native language for the first time or choosing to smile and help them through it instead. To take them in by the hand instead of shun them as outsiders.


It also reminded me that, yes, it can sometimes be tough to be a gamer. Our hobbies are labeled childish or violent more often than not. We have the "games as art" argument more than the Internet has made "thanks, Obama" jokes. We're always on the defensive, probably because we're often made to be.

But maybe the "outsiders" would understand our interests more if we just showed them. So, most of all, this comic reminded me that we should err on the side of inclusivity.


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