There are lots of people to thank for the distinctive look of the Fallout series, across multiple studios and decades, but in more recent times Craig Mullins should be top of your list.

Mullins, who has worked as an artist on everything from Assassin’s Creed to the Matrix movies to Halo to Jurassic Park, was hired by Bethesda to lay down the look and feel of the Fallout universe for the third game in the series, which was to be the first to be playable in 3D.

His ideas of a post-apocalyptic Washington DC didn’t just excite Fallout fans, worried at the time that things might change for the worse as the series moved on from Interplay’s original vision, they remain some of the fines examples of video game concept art this world has ever seen.

Mullins was of course far from the only artist to have laid down the vision for Bethesda’s Fallout games, but his pieces are the ones more than any other that have dominated fan’s imaginations ever since.

You can see more of Mullins’ art at his personal site.

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