Remember When The Ninja Turtles Were On Oprah?

Do you not remember what 1990 was like? Well here's everything about it in one video. Maybe the new version won't be so bad after all.


For some reason, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decided to stop fighting crime and go on a musical tour, including this stop on Oprah. They apparently found out that "when you sing a song, you make a friend, but when you get in a fight, you make an enemy".

You can jump to 13:30 for one of their musical numbers about friendship and standing up to peer pressure, or 18:22 for April O'Neil's introduction as ... their tour manager? It's all very confusing.

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Also don't miss this bit at 25:10:

Oprah: Let me ask you this guys, do you sometimes wish April was a turtle?

Raphael: Oprah, I've been trying to talk her into an interspecies relationship for months now.

TMNT on The Oprah Winfrey Show [YouTube]

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A Curious Rabbit

This was the "Comin' out of their shells" tour. They gave out tapes of all the songs for a small fee at Pizza Hut when you ordered like two larges or something. I listened to that tape so much I wore it out. If anyone remembers the LaserScope for the original NES, which was this giant headset with a ocular aiming reticule and mic that you yelled into to emulate button presses. You could also use it as just regular headphones. I had no other headphones, so I would wear my LaserScope, connect it to my walkman, play this TMNT tape and rollerskate around my front driveway at like 9 o'clock at night singing along out loud. This is probably why people thought I was a dork.

Sadly, the only lyrics I remember off the top of my head are "Cowabunga is my favorite word; I use it all the time, or haven't you heard? I'm out of control, wild and crazy, hazy, maybe a little bit lazy."