Remember That Spelunky World Record? It Just Got Topped.

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Spelunky players just refuse to give up. It makes sense, considering the game they've chosen to spend so much time playing. The world record for highest possible score has been beaten, with an amazing run by YamaYamaDingDong.

I asked YamaYamaDingDong what his next attempt is going to be, and he says he'll be trying to top his own score:

A realistic goal for me is 3.25 M however the highest score could go up to 3.6 (it depends how unlikely you want it to be). Ghosting olmec is much more unlikely because you need to have destroyed two altars and then destroy a third altar as early as 4-2 and drag the ball and chain/permaghost through the city of gold. Now THAT will be something to see.


You can watch the run here:

Watch live video from YamaYamaDingDong on TwitchTV

via tipsters Joey and @therealqcode. Thanks!

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Does anyone have Bananasaurus_Rex's response to this? I'd love to see some more friendly competition out there.