Relive the Horrors of Public Transport with Train Simulator 2014

Everybody may be talking about GTA V, but why steal a vehicle when you could be a vehicle? Train Simulator 2014 allows you to inhabit the very soul of a train, to feel the very essence of what it means to be a locomotive.


It also brings back the horrors of the daily commute I had to take each week on the train. The delays, the rain and the abundance of noisy, smelly people. Can Train Simulator 2014 ever hope to simulate those fond memories? Watch my video above to find out.

Train Simulator 2014 is available now on Steam.

Music Credits: Jahzzar, Chris Zabriskie, Jason Shaw.

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My Macbook Pro won't even play Sid Meier's Trains without heating up like a motherfucker. I really regret putting $2000 into this thing.