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Regurgitator: Everyday Formula

Eclectic Australian outfit Regurgitator have been around since the mid-90's, and in that time they've tried their hand at just about every popular genre of music you can think of.


Rock? Yup. Pop? Yup. Hip-hop taking the piss out of nu-metal and gangster rap? Yup. Prince tributes? Yup.

Given that kind of back catalogue it was tough singling out a single track to share tonight, but I eventually settled on Everyday Formula, taken from the band's 1997 album Unit. Why? Because of all the styles they've dabbled in, infectious pop-rock is probably their biggest strength.


Regurgitator [Official Site]

Soundtrack isn't news. It isn't video games. It's just Kotaku editors sharing music they dig. Enjoy!

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Luke Plunkett

OK, swapped out the vid!