Reggie Says Skyward Sword Will Forever Be the Best Game of All Time

Illustration for article titled Reggie Says emSkyward Sword/em Will Forever Be the Best Game of All Time

Reggie Fils-Aime is not one to mince words, and while we also believe Skyward Sword is fantastic, he thinks it's the best game ever.

Not only that, he doesn't think any other game will dethrone it from its lofty perch in the future. That quote, and other interesting ones, are taken from an interview with AOL. Don't agree with Reggie? Think Skyward Sword is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Tell us how you feel below.

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Did anyone actually read the interview with AOL? Reggie said:

"I think for any game to compare to Skyward Sword, I think is gonna be a tough challenge. All the reviews aren't out yet, but I counted this morning there are eight perfect scores. I don't know if there's going to be a video game in history that's going to be able to compare to Skyward Sword."

With other words, he doesn't know it himself whether there is a game from the videogame history (i.e. from the past) that's comparable to Skyward Sword, so don't distort the fact that he ever said Skyward Sword is the best game ever, and probably forever. He didn't say no (future) game ever will be better than Skyward Sword. That's a big difference!

And for the people who have already said that Skyward Sword isn't or will never be one of the best games in 2011, either don't have a Wii, didn't play/finish it yet or never will (it's not in HD, it's for kids), since they believe Skyrim is the best game. But to me Dark Souls is the better game, which already wins in the design, gameplay and style/atmosphere departments, especially less to no bugs/glitches, the Japanese proves that they still can make great games with great graphics, and Dark Souls (and its prequel Demon's Souls) proves this! But of course Skyrim will get the title, since the company with the most money (e.g. for campaign, commercials) can convince people that Skyrim is the best, is the game to play, otherwise you are so uncool (e.g. for choosing Skyward Sword), especially most people won't do research themselves when buying a game.