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Red Red Faction Reminder

Illustration for article titled Red Red Faction Reminder

Don't forget! If you plan on entering our Red Faction contest, you have this weekend to get your entry ready — like reader Karan already did.


Contest closes next Thursday at midnight! What's happening? We're giving away a copy of futuristic third-person-shooter Red Faction: Guerrilla, platform of your choice. Here's how you can win it:

Take a picture of red things - the more the better! Be sure to include a "Kotaku sign" in the picture. Send your entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and have a very nice day.


Oh, and read our rules. Because that's the rule, and rules are rules.

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man, her jewelry is so not red, and the fact that I noticed the jewelry says something(just don't know what)