Red Dead's Giant Catfish Has Finally Been Caught (In The Game's Files)

For years, well, one year, since 18, there’ve been talk of a strange catfish lurkin’ beneath the waters of Red Ded Redemption 2s channel. I ain’t never seen such a catfish, but folks playin’ the game on the PC reckon it’s there. You just gotta look harder.


Specifically, in the game’s files, where PC players—like yesterday’s report on Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister—have found the fabled creature’s model.

It never appears in the game as something you can catch, only as something that drags fabled angler Jeremy Hill to his doom. But with the model present in the files, it can now be spawned into the game, though be warned: It’s incomplete, and as a result, horrifying.

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Regular catfish in the game are around 15-20 pounds. This thing is supposed to be 180 pounds.

It’s wild that this creature was written into the game to such an extent that there’s an entire sidequest (the Jeremy Gill photo mission) devoted to setting it up, and that it’s also mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2s official strategy guide, but for whatever reason never made it into the final release.

Then again, by looking at the thing, maybe that was for the best.

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Simpsons did it first!

I’m still a bit cheesed because I actually did spend quite a while trying to catch this same damn fish before finding out that Rockstar decided to make the damn thing least without using PC wizardry.