Red Dead's Best Update Has Nothing To Do With Zombies

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My first thirty seconds of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer went a little something like this: whistle for donkey, get on donkey, get shot in the face by somebody on a horse. That pattern continued for another few days.


I love the idea behind the game's free-roam multiplayer, where random strangers are thrown together on the open plains, but the number of griefers and troublemakers out there quickly make it an unpleasant experience. So it's wonderful to hear that, in preparation for Undead Nightmare's release, a patch has been released for Red Dead Redemption, one that adds a "Friendly Free Roam" option.


This allows players to enter free roam with player-to-player combat disabled, so you can band together and tackle those bandits without fear of somebody following you around Blackwater for three hours shooting your horse in the arse.

If you haven't already got the update, log in right now and it should be there waiting for you.


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some of my favourite experiances in red-dead have been turning around on hounding griefers and pounding them into the ground relentlessly