Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare Comes To Life

After teasing us for two days, Rockstar finally delivers the terrifying trailer for Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare downloadable content. It was well worth the wait.
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The end of the trailer tells us that the Undead Nightmare downloadable content is coming "very soon," but that's not soon enough. Multiplayer is entertaining and all, but what I crave is more single-player story gameplay in Red Dead, and that's exactly what this trailer is giving me.


And in case you're more of a multiplayer fan, there'll be something in there for you as well. Just let us single-player fans have our moment.

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I wrote this when I first played the game, but it bears repeating:

"So I haven't been in the West Elizabeth area for terribly long. Prior to tonight, my only encounter with bears in-game was when one got shot and killed along side me by some random guy as I was walking along the road. My fear of these bears started when I first discovered the log cabin by Aurora Basin. I went inside the cabin, and the second I turned back around I saw through the foggy, dirty windows, two dark shapes sniffing about outside. Luckily I was safe, and I killed my first bear from inside that cabin. At the time I did not know where the other one went.

Tonight I decided to eradicate this irrational fear of pixelated bears. I purchased my Buffalo Rifle, the single most powerful rifle in the game, and headed out towards the Tall Trees with the sole intent of hunting me some bears. I was wearing a tuxedo.

I make it to the edge of the Tall Trees, ready to enter the forest in the dead of night when out of nowhere I hear the distinct sound of a bears footsteps. I manage to turn around before not one, but two bears ambush me from the shadows. I nearly have a heart attack and only get one shot off before the end. Remember when I said I didn't know where the other bear went at Aurora Basin? I now know that the surviving bear went to the dark wretched corners of the forest to let all of bear-kind know my misdeed. Those two bears were waiting for me at the edge of that forest. They knew I was coming to kill them. I woke up back at Blackwater, slowly recovering from the attack. Fuck the Buffalo Rifle. I take out my Evans Repeater. While substantially less powerful than the buffalo rifle, the Evans can hold up to 22 bullets in a single round, whereas the Buffalo can only hold one. Stocked up with chewing tobacco and moonshine, I head back towards the Tall Trees. This time I make camp just outside the forest and save my game.

Eventually I find a nice, large clearing just southwest of Nekoti Rock. I dismount my horse, throw some bait around, and hide in some nearby bushes. After about a minute, I hear the distant sound of coyotes howling. Nothing to worry about. After a while, nothing continues to happen. I carefully meander towards the bait, and after being disappointed, mount my horse and proceed to get attacked by a fucking bear. He kills my horse and I unload twenty-two bullets in between his eyes. Thankfully I have a deed to my horse so getting another one is easy. Two more bears come out to attack. I dispatch them easily. I get momentarily distracted by some guy complaining that his wife is about to be hung for the fiftieth time, so I have to go save her. I manage to snag another bear on my way back. I go back to where my first horse had died, and am attacked by three more bears. I kill them, but barely (bearly) survive. I spend the next fifteen or so minutes killing and skinning bears. Final count: 20. Night has fallen. I am running low on ammo and moonshine, so I save the game and head towards Manzanita Post. The bears have other plans. I get ambushed again by three more, one of whom kills my horse. As I'm waiting for my new horse to find me, I hear those haunting footsteps. I look around me. Nothing. They're toying with me now. I can hear him roaring loudly behind me but no matter where I look there is nothing but trees and snow and shadows. The bear is taunting me. My horse arrives, and I hoof it towards Manzanita. I'm almost there when I see a bear running alongside the road, being chased and shot at by a sheriff. Hesitant to help him out, I watch. The sheriff is closing in on the bear, firing away with his pistol when suddenly he is flanked by another bear, which proceeds to maul both the sheriff and his horse. The bears. Just set. A motherfucking. Trap. These are no bears. They're velociraptors. The two bears slowly turn around and eye me. I turn around to a third bear lunging at me. I'm startled enough for my finger to twitch rapidly and unload my rifle into his skull. My horse is not so lucky. I recover from my fall just in time to kill off the other two bears. I don't even want to wait for another horse. I sprint down the road, only to run right into one, final bear. I did not make it to Manzanita.

Fuck bears."

Now I'm hearing about zombie bears? God will not save us.