Red Dead Redemption Voice-Actor Details Cast's 'Redneck Zombie Romantic Comedy' quasi-reunion

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The cast of Red Dead Redemption are no strangers to rednecks, nor to zombies—Rockstar's wild-west open world game featured plenty of the former in its original incarnation, and added an invasion of the latter added to the game via downloadable content.


As we found out last fall, several members of the cast are reuniting to film a "Zombie Romantic Comedy" called From the Trailer to the Grave.

Steve J. Palmer, the voice-actor who gave voice to the villainous Bill Williamson, talked about the movie in a fun, far-reaching interview with Kotaku reader Spawny0908.

From the interview:

Brittany) What is "From the Trailer to the Grave"?

Steve) ...ah... that's the surprise I was hinting at a few questions back. Okay, well, here's the scoop (or as much as I can tell you): Well, as far as 'hanging out' with other former RED DEAD cast mates, I'm going to be filming a Redneck Zombie Romantic Comedy titled "FROM THE TRAILER TO THE GRAVE" in the fall of 2012 with K. Harrison Sweeney, Rob Wiethoff, Brad Carter, and Anthony DeLongis (Irish, Marston, Deputy Jonah and Marshall Johnson, respectively). So that's 5 former RED DEADers in one film. It's a RedZom Rom-Com. We're coining the genre, people! *laughs*

It's to be shot entirely in the state of Wyoming come this September-October time frame.

Nice! All of those guys are members of the posse that took down Williamson's gang at the end of the first (best) act of Red Dead Redemption; it'll be fun to see what they do when fighting the zombie hordes on film.

Palmer, who will be playing the role of "Patrolman Barney Tolliver," gives the following background on the film:

Well, it was written by K. Harrison Sweeney himself, and basically, a zombie virus on an apocalyptic scale literally wipes out the U.S. metropolitan populations, which leaves the sparse residents of the least populous state in the union: Wyoming. They're far enough from major cities and coastal regions, so everyone left alive heads there... or TRIES. Comedy and romance ensues


More information can be found at the film's official site, where they are sure to clarify that this film has nothing official to do with Red Dead Redemption or its characters.

The team has also put together this fun but somewhat confusing video reel of their actors, showing them in various roles, including their roles in Red Dead Redemption.


I, for one, am just happy to see a film being shot in Wyoming. The Wyoming Movie List hasn't been updated since Flicka!

Steve J. Palmer Interview [Red Dead Redemption Fanatic's Saloon]

From the Trailer to the Grave [Official Site]


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