Red Dead Online Is So Busted Horses Are Flying And It's Raining Alligators

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For much of the week, Rockstar’s Red Dead Online has been all kinds of broken for players, with folks reporting everything from deserted landscapes to magical horses to the presence of a lone, mysterious bald man, sometimes the only NPC on the map.


The cause appears to be related to the game’s recent 1.21 title update, with Rockstar setting up a dedicated support page for users complaining about stuff like “low animal spawn counts, difficulty pitching Camps, entering Moonshine shacks” and, most common of all issues, “others”.

“We are currently developing fixes to address these and will share more information as it is available.”

Until those fixes go live, please enjoy this collection of deeply weird shit that is going on right now, like persistent horses:

Dancing corpses:


Alligator rain:


Flying carts:


and Tree Horses:


All very funny! But most interesting out of all the various bugs and glitches going on has been the fact that while most NPCs have disappeared from the game, one previously unseen resident has started turning up...all over the place.

As Polygon reports, this “Bald Man” is sometimes appearing as a functional NPC, and other times as an almost ghostly glitch, floating or standing completely still.


While regular players are venting their frustrations at Rockstar, others are taking the opportunity to make the most of it, as the near-empty maps provide a great chance to take some nice photos, or just unwind from everything.


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Are there any actual MMOs where stuff like this happens purposely? It seems like it would be both fun and funny to play.

What I mean by stuff happening purposely is things like:

-NPCs heads randomly just shooting off like a balloon while your talking to them

-stray dogs that sprout wings and extra heads

-buildings exploding at sudden and unexpected times

-trees that come alive and start shooting chain lightning

-the ground just opening up and swallowing you

-headless mermaids rising from the sea and chanting show tunes

I mean, it ain’t gotta be exactly that stuff, but basically a game that takes place in some bizarro, nightmarish world where nothing makes sense. There’s gotta be something like this out there.