Red Bull Coming to Home This Week

Red Bull island, complete with Red Bull air racing, is coming to Home this week, hopefully free of the lines that have made bowling feel so restrictive in the virtual Playstation 3 world.

Playstation Home community manager CydoniaX says that Home-goers will be able to access and explore the island by clicking on the Red Bull Air Race map tile


CydoniaX also laid out the details on a few additions to the Home store:

* Ligne Roset and Diesel are getting their own storefronts in the mall.
* People who pre-order Killzone 2 through Amazon will be getting ISA Soldier and Helghast Assault Trooper outfits for use in Home once the game launches.
* Resident Evil: Degeneration themed t-shirts are coming to Home from Capcom.

PlayStation Home Content Update Coming This Week [Playstation Blog]

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