Recruit Metal Gear Creator In Next Metal Gear Game

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Metal Gear Solid creative mastermind Hideo Kojima is now also a video game character. The PSP's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker lets us recruit virtual Kojima and put him to work. Hideo Kojima is the God of Peace Walker [Andriasang]

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His stats are actually pretty bad for combat. He's more equipped to be a healer in the game. He is definitely not God in this game or in real life. he's average at best. I think this joke is going over people's heads who just like condemning egotism and fame in everything and everyone. It's more a problem with yourself than with the person, it always is and it always will be.

As long as the person who makes these things makes money, gets good professional reviews, and a considerable amounts of fans, that's all that matters. He was able to please 'everyone.' What's not to like?

Ego, fame, money...all those things may make people worse human beings, but it doesn't make people less creative. People's personal lives are separate from their artistic lives, thinking otherwise is ignorant. Peace Walker is still a 40/40. It's a quality game, just like all the other ones he's released...whether you liked them or not. He makes shitloads of money, he gets damn good reviews, and he has shitloads of fans that like what he makes. Must feel damn good.