Record 3D Movies on Your 3DS Starting Now

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The new 3DS update just hit in North America bringing with, among other things, the ability to create your own 3D videos.


The update that just hit gives the Nintendo 3DS the ability to shoot up to ten minutes of 3D footage with the camera. And to create your own stop-motion photography.

Other additions include the ability to transfer batches of data from one 3DS to another and a new StreetPass feature that lets you see on a map where you met other Mii. Finally, Mii mini-RPG game Find Mii is getting a little sequel.

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Yeah cool,but why would we use this function?Don't forget it's just a crappy camera and there's not a lot of memory on any SD card...I so disapointed about my 3DS.I can't even find anything good to do on it.I played mario land 3d for 5 hours and i was done with it.The hidden coins are a boring old school feature that is completly useless.

I've pre ordered a vita.i shall be served with quality.

Nintendo is disapointing me years after years.Last time i had fun with nintendo product was when i was young,playing nes and snes.Every good IP has gone wrong and we're now stuck with weak first party stuff that havnt evoluate trough the has just gone worst and worst.

When you play complex game on PS or XBOX,it's then impossible to go back to the zombie casual easy stupid nintendo games.