Receive Texts from Mass Effect Characters with the Mass Effect Datapad App

In addition to the the upcoming iOS game Mass Effect: Infiltrator, BioWare also announced an app called "Datapad" that would allow you to "stay in touch with all of the info in Mass Effect 3," check the status of the war in the galaxy map, and even get messages from game characters.


Okay, this kind of sounds like a slick way to tell us about newly released DLC, but I have to say I get a kick out of the idea of getting texts (or maybe even sexts!) from the characters in my game.

"Hang on a second guys, I gotta go sext some with Thane. Be right back."



You had to go and bring up Thane, didn't you? The only member of my squad that died who I miss. But I refuse to restart my story because right now, as fucked up as it all is and how much I want Thane alive, it's *my* story.

I don't care what happens - JUST GIVE ME BACK THANE, DAMN IT. :'(