In 2006, developer Rebellion released a third-person shooter featuring a genetically engineered super-soldier outfitted with a sentient helmet, rifle and backpack. Now they’re cleaning it up and releasing it again with Rogue Trooper: Redux for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch.

Fans of the 2000 AD comic series will recognize one of the more successful comic to video game translations stemming from Rebellion Development’s purchase of the property back in 2000. Rogue, one of the most feared soldiers on Nu Earth, is the last of his bio-engineered squadron walking, but his got three friends talking via the biochips installed in his equipment. It’s really an amazing concept, and the game isn’t too bad either.

Here’s some gameplay from the original release.

Rogue Trooper: Redux is being developed with UK studio TickTock Games, making it one of the first post-purchase 2000 AD games not made by Rebellion, the first of many now that the studio has opened up the IP to outside development.

Rogue Trooper: Redux is coming soon to the Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.