Reasons For Playing Assassin's Creed On Facebook

I haven't tried the Assassin's Creed Facebook game. As into Assassin's Creed as I am, I still thought I could skip it.


But this video from Ubisoft, explaining how the Facebook game, Project Legacy, connect to Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, makes it tempting.


The video's narrator describes how the connected games unlock content in one another and improve the progress you can make in certain parts of each. For example, it allows players to continue renovating Rome across both games (having only played Brotherhood, I'm still unclear what the point of buying landmarks is — they don't make you much money!). The Facebook game also lets you get more involved with missions you send your trained assassins on, but that latter feature confuses me since, when I send assassins into missions they tend to be on them for only about 20 minutes of real time.

We've seen Microsoft try to hook Facebook games to console games, specifically with Crackdown 2. I assume more of this is coming.

I've gotta try this Assassin's Creed one out and see how it connects. Anyone out there liking or disliking Project Legacy?

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Joe Wright

I've been playing it since it started and all of the bugs seem to have been patched now, it's really solid. I think I've ruined Brotherhood for myself now though seeing as there was an infinite cash bug when it launched and now I own ten of every landmark. If I'd known it would mean I owned everything in the game before I started I wouldn't have done that.

Finding all the Auditore mnemonics is impossible btw