When a pair of U.S. soldiers and Modern Warfare 2 fans get bored while stationed in Afghanistan, there can be only one outcome - spontaneous cover art cosplay. Doesn't cosplay fall under don't ask, don't tell?

I suppose it's okay, as long as Kotaku reader Travis and his friend, seen here portraying both versions of the Modern Warfare 2 cover art, aren't sporting maid costumes and bright blue wigs under their helmets. According to Travis, this was a project born of boredom.

"I recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan. It got extremely boring there, and eventually we found a fun way to spend our time. Me and a friend are big Modern Warfare 2 fans, and one day we noticed that a lot of the gear that is shown on the characters in the box art is a lot similar to ours. Infinity Ward obviously did their research. So we decided to try and reconstruct the poses and equipment in the box arts for fun.

"For the normal edition, we studied the box and made sure to replicate everything we could; we cut the fingers off a pair of gloves, wore one knee pad, found a shemagh (scarf) and etc.


"For the Hardened Edition, though, we didn't have a copy of the game box on hand so we kinda had to wing it and try and remake it from memory. My buddy Chris suited up for the original edition and I took up the Hardened Edition spot."

When they returned to the states, Travis and Chris hired a graphic designer to mock up box art featuring their pictures. Not too shabby, men! The only issue I have with the project is Travis' closing words.


"It was pretty cool to act like we were badass video game action heroes for an hour or so."

But Travis, you and Chris are real-life action heroes! Maybe you didn't uncover a plot to start a new World War, but I'm sure you two would have been up to dressing the part.