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Real Mario Kart on the Streets of Tokyo, Drawing Huge Crowds

The dudes from Japanese car site Cliccar get out of their boring civvies and got dressed up as Mario and Luigi. Then, they hopped in two street legal X-Karts and took to the avenues and boulevards of Tokyo.


Priced at ¥ 379,800 (US$4,900), the X-Kart is a self-styled "mini sports car". It weighs only 95 kilograms (209 pounds) and has a limited top speed of 55 kph (35 mph), which can be tuned to output over 80 kph (50 mph). Since it has four wheels, a standard driver's license is necessary and a helmet isn't required by Japanese law.

In their X-Karts, the Mario brothers zoomed down the roads, next to taxis and in front of trucks.


Pedestrians took snaps with their camera phones, smiled, and called out, "Mario!" and "Luigi!" In Shibuya, the Mario Bros. drew a crowd of young Japanese women.

And when cosplaying Cliccar writers weren't posing for pics, they were giving high-fives and making everyone's day.

リアル・マリオカートしてみました!【渋谷・原宿・表参道】 [clicccar via Kotaku Japan]

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When I saw the video I'm kinda disappointed that they don't hire Remi to perform as Mario.

Also I'm jealous, they(Japanese) have better mobile phones than most of us.