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Meet the Hong Kong Orchid Woman. She doesn't fight crime. She helps the homeless. Last spring, a young woman in Hong Kong took to the streets and pass out money and food to those in need.

And next year, she'll be getting her own feature film.

Inspired by Kick-Ass and 1965 Hong Kong flick Black Rose, the real-life superhero took her name from the city's flower, the Hong Kong Orchid. "I hide my identity because I don't want others to say my purpose is to make myself and my family famous," she told The Standard last summer.


This past December, the hero reappeared in Beijing. It might or might not have been the same lady, and it's possible this was a copycat or just a PR stunt. The superhero sported a new mask—one that showed off part of her face (note the difference in the above gallery). While the woman claimed that this was not a grab for attention, that's exactly what it appeared to be—a publicity stunt for action film 3D Bauhinia Heroine. ("Bauhinia" refers to the orchid's genus.)

The movie is based on the Hong Kong Orchid and will star Chrissie Chau. Stephen Shiu is directing. Last week, the filmmaker was talking up the project to Western movie websites, like Twitch.

The movie carries the tagline "2013 Everyone Can Be A Hero". Not everyone, however, can pull off that outfit.

(Top photo: NetEase/3D)


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