The 16-bit era had unique visuals. Simple yet bright and colorful, we could always get lost in the tiny details. Taking parts of these memorable games and mixing them with a real life environment might sound odd, but if done right the results are beautiful.

Two gents, deviantART user Victor Sauron and Glauber Tanaka, played with the idea recently and shared their work separately, which involves a huge variety of characters from older consoles put into the real world. The first five images below (as well as the top image) are from Glauber Tanaka and include SNES classics such as TMNT IV: Turtles In Time, Top Gear 2 or U.N. Squadron. The rest are the work of Victor Sauron featuring classic characters and scenes you probably all recognize.

Let's have a look!

Real Bits [deviantART]

Homenagem Super Nes [Béhance]