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Real Life Hitman, Controlled By Remote Players

The folks over at Realm Pictures created quite an interesting interactive experience for Hitman, where players could control a real life Agent 47 in a huge mansion filled with human actors, items and objectives.


The rules were the same as in the Hitman games. The main character could steal clothes, move objects and attack people inside, depending on the orders given by the participants, who were following the character’s movements remotely.

I’m not sure the best way to remain hidden is to have a third-person cameraman follow Agent 47 everywhere, but still, this looks more fun than any of the Hitman movies.

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Battery Tender Unnecessary

It might be pedantic but wouldn’t it be less conspicuous to just walk between the pillars, weapon holstered, as just a guy in a big mansion in a suit instead of tactically moving between pillars, gun drawn in clear view of a large group of people?

No way are they getting silent assassin playing like that.