Industrial design student Jackson Gordon, who we saw in February putting his actual armoured batsuit through testing, has now finished. And it doesn’t just look the part, the thing actually works.

While it’s not bullet-proof, the suit does show off its ability in this video to save you from loads of stuff less instantly hazardous, like knives, punches and kicks to the stomach.

The key to the suit’s effectiveness isn’t just the armour plating; it’s easy to cover yourself in plating and get into a fight. Jackson’s suit is designed to function like the one in the Chris Nolan films, in that half the work is done by the armour’s ability to absorb and disperse the impact of a hit across the suit, which doesn’t just keep you alive and on your feet, but lets the wearer maintain balance so they can strike right back.


Gordon’s suit was made for $2000 via a Kickstarter campaign, and weighs just 25 pounds,

(via Daily Dot)