Fans of frenetic arcade shoot 'em up action of the Cave variety will be able to put their touchscreen twitch skills to the test this spring with the release of Espgaluda II for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Cave promises a port of the 2005 arcade game—which also saw release on Xbox 360 in Japan this year—for Apple's platform this spring, which features "unbelievable bullet density" that pushes the iPhone/iPod Touch "to the limit." The game's debut trailer shows just how players will control Espgaluda II with their fingertips and teases an iPhone exclusive scoring mode.


It all looks pretty damn good—definitely better than the Mushihime-sama Gaiden: Bug Panic app for iPhone—and appears to actually exist, given that Cave made their announcement well in advance of April Fools' Day.

Aren't you glad you didn't filter out all of our Apple coverage, Cave fans?


Thanks to ex_nihilo for the heads up!

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