The Ludosport Lightsaber Combat Academy is a chain (yes, there are multiple schools!) in Italy that teach willing students in the art of lightsaber combat. Or, for those who've never dreamed of being a Jedi, in dancing around swinging a glowing toy stick.


These guys have some serious skills. Going way beyond just hitting each other with toy lightsabers, there's a full range of acrobatic moves on display, as well as styles borrowed from stuff like Kendo.

Which...I dunno, kind of makes it all look a bit silly, no? Call me a fake space combat purist, but the ballet moves of the prequel trilogy seemed as fake and boring as the rest of the flicks; overly-choreographed and using spins to make up for a lack of gravitas (or acting ability).


That's in terms of being a Star Wars class, though. In terms of this being a social and fitness class - as emphasised in the trailer below - well, this is about as awesome as it gets.

Ludosport [Site, via Geekologie]

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