Ready for Some Mario Pole Dancing?

In Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi slide down poles. In the UK Amateur Pole Performer competition, they climbed up them and swung around.

If these dancers look familiar (their names are Bex and Emy), it's because you probably saw them pole dancing as Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. The duo were competing in a UK Amateur pole fitness competition.


"We decided to stay on the same track and go for a classic gamer duo theme for the final," Emy told Kotaku. "We hope it is a pretty entertaining routine—the audience on the night seemed to love it!" What's not to love about girls with moustaches?

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Worst (And I stress WORST) pole dancing theme I have ever seen! Seriously? The Mario Bros?! Why not dress up like Marcus and Dom next time? That would definitely give me more of an anti-boner than this crap.