Excerpts from the arcade book I wrote Arcade Mania appear in the latest issue of Japan's numero uno English language mag Metropolis. The book will be out in North America and Europe in late December. It's already out in Japan, and we held a launch event in Tokyo last month. There were many Kotaku readers there, and Kotaku readers are lovely people! You can read my post about the book here. While the excerpts offer a hint at how a few chapters read (such as the crane games and sticker picture chapters), the book's official site does a nice job of giving a feel of how Arcade Mania looks. Also, Otaku USA editor-in-chief Patrick Macias cornered me at the book launch a week or so before TGS for his podcast. Keep in mind, my nonsensical slurring and giddy schoolgirl voice only appears after I've had seven beers. That, or several plates of rum cake. Mmm, rum cake. Game on! [Metropolis]