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Hello! Here at Kotaku, we're not just about snacks, toys, and TV shows: sometimes we like to give you long, in-depth looks at the world of video games, too.

In fact, we've got an entire section for Kotaku longreads, and in case you've missed some of them over the past few months and years, here are a few stories to check out:

Nintendo's Secret Weapon

In honor of tomorrow's big new Zelda and Mario releases, check out the story behind Nintendo's Treehouse, the secretive group of writers and translators who help make Nintendo games great.


The Amazing Life of Sean Smith, the Masterful Eve Gamer Slain in Libya

Read about the virtual and real life of Sean "Vile Rat" Smith, the U.S. diplomat and EVE Online player who was killed in Libya last year.

How LucasArts Fell Apart

Why don't we have more great Star Wars games? This is the story behind the collapse of one of the world's most iconic gaming studios.


Why Video Game Characters Say Such Ridiculous Things

"What's that sound?" Check out our in-depth look at "barks"—those bizarre things that video game characters like to randomly say.


From Halo to Hot Sauce: What 25 Years Of Violent Video Game Research Looks Like

We need a lot more research into the effects of violent video games. Here's why.


Sid Meier: The Father of Civilization

A look at the life and history of Sid Meier, the creator of Civilization and one of gaming's folk heroes. Some really neat anecdotes and stories here.


The Complicated Truth Behind Games That Want To Change The World

Can video games tackle real-world issues? Can they change world issues? We took a swing at some of those tough questions.


How Sony's Hometown Studio Rose From The Ashes In Time For The PS4

The PlayStation 4 is here, and Sony Japan is ready to bring its A game for their next-gen system, even after a disappointing last generation.


Metacritic Matters: How Review Scores Hurt Video Games

You probably know that Metacritic is important to video game publishers, but do you know just how important it is? The truth is a little scary.


The Incredible Rise and Fall of a Hacker Who Found the Secrets of the Next Xbox and PlayStation—And Maybe More

Read about superDAE, the Australian hacker who knew about the next Xbox and PlayStation before just about anyone else.


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